Focus and Scope

Jurnal InterAct is published twice a year (May and November). 

Each edition discusses materials and current issues on corporate communication, marketing communication, media and communication.

These are including, but not limited to:

Corporate Communication

-          Public relations

-          Media relations

-          Investor relations

-          Government relations

-          Corporate Social Responsibility

-          Customer relations

-          Organizational communication

-          Cross-cultural communication

-          Digital corporate communication

Marketing Communication

-          Branding and image development

-          Consumer perception

-          Promotions

-          Digital marketing communication

Media and Communication

-          Communication technology

-          New media

-          Social media

-          Advertising message analysis

-          Media placement

-          Political communication


Each edition receives original articles that will be reviewed by internal and external editors through a blind review based on their expertise.  After the editing, a reviewer is assigned based on relevancy and related article.

Jurnal InterAct will publish selected paper(s) under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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