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Indonesian JELT

Indonesian Journal of English Language Teaching (IJELT) (pISSN: 0216-1281) is a peer-reviewed journal in which submitted articles will go through a blind review process. IJELT is published twice a year in May and in October every year.

IJELT is devoted to the teaching and learning of English in national and international scope. It strongly encourages submission of unpublished research articles on topics that are highly relevant and contribute significantly to issues in ELT in general, which may also include:

  1. English language education
  2. Applied English linguistics in language education
  3. English language education and culture
  4. English language education and evaluation
  5. English language education and globalization
  6. English language education and technology


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Interact - Journal on Communication

Interact - Journal on Communication publishes articles based on research, theoretical perspectives on the development of the communication field, and scientific evaluation/analysis on the implementation of communication programs.

The Interact Journal provides an equivalent weight on the academic and applied aspects within the development sphere of communication theory based on communication levels and social-cultural growth.

The articles and themes presented in the journal have the goal to increase the understanding of the importance of communication and in developing new concepts to provide solutions in implementing communication science in Indonesia.

Interact - Journal on Communication discusses materials and current issues on a broad scope of communication science that includes:

1. Empirical/scientific results conducted towards a communication activity.
2. Analysis of scientific concepts that are within the boundaries of communication science.
3. Evaluation/analysis on a communication program.
4. Reviews of a new theoretical/scientific textbooks in the Communication Science discipline.

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